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Clydebank Sub Aqua Club is a Branch of the Scottish Sub Aqua Club (www.scotsac.com)  which was formed in 1953 and is the Governing Body for Sports Diving in Scotland.

Clydebank Sub Aqua Club started in 1961 and is based in the heart of Clydebank, famous for its Ship Building and Maritime past. In fact, the Clydebank Leisure Centre, where we provide basic training in the pool, was built on the site of the John Brown Ship yards.


There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in Clydebank Sub Aqua Club. Many members have completed hundreds of dives in Scotland and other places throughout the world and under many varied conditions. Amongst the branch membership we have two Scotsac 1st Class Divers, several Scotsac Master Divers and a group of Nationally Qualified Diving Instructors, as well as a large group of Scotsac Sport Divers. Everyone will be happy to help you with your diving skills and knowledge.


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