Charges for the Boat use.

Every Clydebank Sub Aqua Club (CSAC) member using the Boat will pay £5 per dive. If you have 2 dives per day, that amounts to £10. (Costs reviewed at the AGM)

If, when the money is collected the total from every ClydebankSAC diver present covers the boat fuel costs and hopefully, there is a profit, then that profit goes to the Treasurer.

However, if, when the money is collected, there is still a "short-fall" for the cost of the fuel, then that "short-fall" is divided by the number of divers (including the person who towed the boat to the dive site) and that additional money collected to ensure the boat fuel "breaks even".

Please note that the person who tows the boat to the launch site does not pay for his/her dives, but does contribute to the total fuel cost if extra money is required to "break even".


Divers from other organisations who are diving from the boat as a guest of Clydebank Sub Aqua Club will be charged £7.50 per dive. That guest will also be required to contribute on an equal footing as CSAC members regarding making up any shortfall on boat fuel expenses.

Club Boat

The Club Boat

Clydebank Sub Aqua Club is the proud owner of an XS 5.4metre Rigid Hulled Inflatable boat with a 90 HP Yamaha Engine. Also included are a GPS, Echo Sounder and VHF Radio. The boat is fitted with a S/S “A” Frame and removable Dive Cylinder Support Rack. The whole rig is transported on a sturdy Snipe Trailer. 


Diving from a boat is in many ways easier than diving from a beach. You "kit up" in the boat and just roll backwards, over the side. Immediately you are in deep water and ready to drop down to enjoy the dive. At the end of the dive the boatman will be there to pick you up and help you aboard.

Using the Club Boat

You will be aware that the Boat, Engine and Trailer represent a large financial outlay, but they are also a huge asset, allowing us to have much greater diving opportunities. It is our boat, your boat and the Committee would like to think that everyone is happy to help when it comes to preparing the boat for a trip. Things such as helping to get the boat out of the Club Hut, adjusting the ramps, taking a turn on the winch, ensuring that all the boat kit is on board etc. At the launch site help is required to un-lash the boat and prepare it for launching, similarly the recovery operation is also an "all hands on deck" scenario. It is all part of the "day out" and it is a great way to learn about another aspect of diving which you should find useful and enjoyable.