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The Covid-19 virus is continuing to cause major disruption to our diver training programme. All pool training and "dry-side" activities are temporarily suspended until further notice. As you all know, the pandemic is still extremely serious. The Committee will continue to be guided by Government, Scottish Sub Aqua Club and West Dunbartonshire Council. You may find details about the Covid advice by visiting Government and media websites. CSAC members will be kept informed of any developments by e-mail and/or Clydebank Whatsapp Group. This website will be updated once our membership has been informed of any changes.

   The Committee meets online at regular intervals to consider the latest advice from the authorities.

Some open water diving and training activities are going ahead in accordance with legal requirements and advice from Government & the Scottish Sub Aqua Club. 

Access to the Club premises is possible under a strict "one in/one out" policy. Cylinders are being filled under strict virus control measures. Please contact a Committee member, in plenty of time, if you require cylinders filled.

To contact our Club about joining us, please see the "Contact Us" page. Our Secretary will be pleased to assist you.


Members should please contact any member of the Committee by phone, text or Whatsapp.



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Digital Diving Logbooks

Here are examples of the best Digital Diving Logbooks on the market. If you know of any good Digital Logbooks, please get in touch via the "Contact Us" page (bottom of page)

As most divers use a dive computer it might be considered logical to take advantage of all the data collected by the computer and, at the same time, make logging your dives simpler. Having downloaded your dive details in to a digital logbook, all you have to do is add the details that the computer cannot know, such as the name of the dive site, weather details, tidal information, your buddy, whether it was a boat dive or shore dive and any notes you wish to make about the dive.

Of course, you do not have to add all this additional information, but it will make a more complete logbook which you may enjoy looking back on in the future.

Most dive computer manufacturers produce their own digital logbooks. Some are very good and some are absolute rubbish.

However, there are a number of excellent digital diving logbooks produced by enterprising individuals not attached to a particular manufacturer. Here are some below:

In my opinion the best available digital logbook is Diving Log 6

Another very useful digital logbook is produced by Subsurface

Another comprehensive digital logbook is produced by DiveMate

The deepest freshwater pool in the world is currently under construction in Poland. It will be 45metres deep and have a selection of submarine attractions and features in various areas of the pool.

Currently, the deepest pool in the world which is actually operating, is Y-40 in Northern Italy

You can find out more about this new 45 metre at this link:

Here is a link to a You Tube video showing the pool construction as it currently stands:

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