There is a great deal of gear to learn how to use, and techniques to perfect,  but don’t worry, we all had to learn, and before long you will be very familiar with terms like “Basic Equipment”, “Demand Valve”, “Dive Computer”, BCD and “Drysuit”. 

We go diving at the weekend-weather permitting, mainly on Sunday. We often have a few weekends away throughout the year, usually May and September. Some members dive all year round, even though the water can be a little cool in the middle of Winter. Others go off to the Red Sea, the Med or perhaps the Caribbean for a week or two. There is always somewhere in the world where you can enjoy excellent diving all year round. Of course the best times in Scotland are from April to October when the days are longer, the water is warmer and the weather somewhat kinder.

We try to dive many areas around Scotland, but being a west coast Club, most of our diving takes place in the west, however we make summer visits across to Eyemouth and St.Abbs in the South-east of Scotland. We sometimes visit the Sound of Mull, famous for its wrecks and probably one of the best diving localities in the UK. On our doorstep we have the sea lochs of Loch Long, Loch Goil, Loch Fyne and Loch Leven.

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Diver Training

Let's be honest, SCUBA Diving is a potentially hazardous sport and requires a certain degree of mental and physical maturity, however once you have joined the Scottish Sub Aqua Club and completed a Medical Declaration, your diving training will take place in the safety of the swimming pool at the Clydebank Leisure Centre. After a Basic Swimming Assessment, you will learn the various techniques of SCUBA Diving. All the time you will be safely gaining experience and confidence in this three dimensional underwater world. Your training and experience will be recognised throughout the World. Eventually, when you are ready, you will continue your training in the sea at well known diving locations. It won’t be too long before you are broadening your experience all around Scotland and perhaps other parts of the World.   


A Basic Summary of SCUBA Diving Skills

Basic Swimming assessment: without equipment including distance swimming, surface diving, swimming underwater. You do need to be  competent and confident in these skills.

Basic Equipment: Mask, Snorkel & Fins, Fitting equipment in the water, surface diving, swimming underwater, life-saving techniques, Rescue breathing and casualty resuscitation.

SCUBA equipment: Assembly and Fitting Equipment, Mask clearing underwater, Demand valve clearing underwater, sharing air supply with buddy, communication underwater, buoyancy control, underwater rescue skills, surface rescue skills including towing and landing a casualty, in water resuscitation, out of water resuscitation, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, recovery position, use of wetsuits and dry suits.


Theory lectures: on the Human Physiology and Physics of Diving: Blood Circulation, Respiration, Hypoxia, Anoxia, Drowning and Hyperventilation, Hypothermia, Gas absorption Laws: Boyle's Law, Dalton's Law, Charles' Law, Henry's Law, Oxygen Toxicity, Nitrogen absorption and Decompression theory, Nitrogen Narcosis, Principles of the Aqualung and Demand Valve and other diving equipment, Increasing Pressure with depth, Dive & Expedition Planning, Rescue & Emergency Procedures, Weather and Tides, Risk Assessment.

It all sounds a little daunting, but don't worry, you will soon be familiar with all these topics and in the process you will become a safe, knowledgeable, competent diver.

Our training is specifically designed for diving in Northern UK waters and incorporates rescue and first-aid training, even at Sport Diver level.


Learning to dive in Clydebank Sub Aqua Club will advance your diving skills within a friendly, safe and sociable environment. What's more, you only have to pay the membership fees (which includes insurance cover). The cost of training is included in these fees.

Take a look at our training diagram to the right for a more detailed idea of how our training progresses.