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Diving News & Reports

Diving Awards

Many Clydebank Sub Aqua Club members are working to gain more skills and experience as divers. Their achievements will be posted here. Congratulations and Safe diving!!

Congratulations to 2 of Clydebank's more "seasoned members", namely David Ryrie and Gordon Anderson.

April 2024

David is now a BSAC Open Water Instructor and is doing splendid work at the pool on Wednesday evenings and on open water activities, helping out with teaching the new members to scuba dive.

April 2024

Gordon has more recently qualified as BSAC Assistant Diving Instructor and will shortly be attending a Course to become a fully qualified BSAC Open Water Instructor.

Gordon has also just completed his 400th dive!! Here's to the 500th with Champagne and chocolate cake!!!

5th March 2023

Yet more congratulations are due! This time it is Jemma Anderson on completion of her BSAC SPORTS DIVER Award. Jemma has been putting some of the more "seasoned", "mature" divers in the Club to shame by regularly diving throughout the cold winter months in order to complete her BSAC SPORTS DIVER. Congratulations to Jemma from everyone at Clydebanksac and hopefully her achievement may encourage a few members to dust off their gear and enter the balmy Scottish waters!!

The photo shows Jemma about to boldly go forth to complete the final stage of the Sports Diver award [photo: Michelle Morgan]

Congratulations also to Gordon Anderson (no relation to Jemma) Gordon is going through the process of becoming a BSAC Open Water Instructor and he recently successfully attended a part of the BSAC Instructor Programme at an event in Edinburgh. Good luck for the rest of the Instructor training! Onwards and upwards!!

29th February 2024

More Congratulations, this time to Harry Hose. He is one of the youngest members of Clydebank Sub Aqua Club. BDO John Morgan is pleased to announce that Harry is now a BSAC OCEAN DIVER. He recently completed the award at St Catherines Seal Reef, Loch Fyne on yet another chilly February Day, but that didn't stop him!! In the photo, John Morgan on the left & Harry on the right grappling with their fins!!

Harry Ellicott has completed his BSAC OCEAN DIVER Award. Congratulations to Harry from Branch Diving Officer John Morgan and everyone at Clydebank Sub Aqua Club. Onwards and upwards for some warm summer diving.

The photo shows Harry (right) with BDO John at a recent dive trip to Dogfish Reef, by Furnace, Loch Fyne. It took some nerve and determination to carry out training in the middle of winter. More congratulations are due for that effort alone!!!

Digital Diving Logbooks

Here are examples of the best Digital Diving Logbooks on the market. If you know of any good Digital Logbooks, please get in touch via the "Contact Us" page (bottom of page)

As most divers use a dive computer it might be considered logical to take advantage of all the data collected by the computer and, at the same time, make logging your dives simpler. Having downloaded your dive details in to a digital logbook, all you have to do is add the details that the computer cannot know, such as the name of the dive site, weather details, tidal information, your buddy, whether it was a boat dive or shore dive and any notes you wish to make about the dive.

Of course, you do not have to add all this additional information, but it will make a more complete logbook which you may enjoy looking back on in the future.

Most dive computer manufacturers produce their own digital logbooks. Some are very good and some are absolute rubbish.

However, there are a number of excellent digital diving logbooks produced by enterprising individuals not attached to a particular manufacturer. Here are some:

In my opinion the best available digital logbook is Diving Log 6

There is a charge for this Digital Logbook, but having paid the "one-off" fee you get upgrades for life. Well worth the cost.

A very useful digital logbook is produced by Subsurface

However, it looks a bit "clunky"

but it is FREE!

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