Where Are We?

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                                                     Clydebank Leisure Centre  8pm-9pm Wednesday Evenings

Clydebank Sub Aqua Club  has its pool training sessions in the comfortably warm 25 metre pool at the Clydebank Leisure Centre, which was opened in April 2017. It is situated on the site of the John Brown shipyard on the River Clyde.

Scuba diving equipment is brought from our club rooms in another part of Clydebank. Instructors assist their trainees in preparing the gear for pool training activities, whilst other members may pound up and down the pool to keep dive fit. 


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The locker/changing room area is unisex and the showers are invitingly hot.

If you fancy taking up scuba diving, we look forward to welcoming you to join Clydebank Sub Aqua Club. If you’d like to join us, just come along on any Wednesday evening. The pool sessions run from 8pm until 9pm. You could enjoy a free "Try-Dive" to see if this activity is for you. Don't forget to bring swim wear and a towel.

Go to Reception, tell them you are looking for the sub aqua club. They will direct you to the changing area.

Don't get changed in to swim wear at this stage. Just come through the changing area, remove your outdoor foot wear and make your way to the deep end of the pool. We’ll be there!!!


Come and see us and you will be sure of a warm welcome. We also welcome experienced divers from other training agencies: BSAC, SAA, PADI, SSI etc

Scuba divers enjoy a sense of weightlessness, only truly experienced by astronauts.


entrance to Diver's Hole, Eyemouth