Tam Sneddon Award

The Tam Sneddon Memorial Trophy was inaugurated shortly after Tam died in 1976. Tam was a long standing and very active member of Clydebank Sub Aqua Club, holding the post of Treasurer for very many years. Tam took his job very seriously and made sure that the Club had a firm financial footing.


He very sadly and suddenly died as he was about to enter the water to enjoy his favourite sport of Scuba Diving.


The Branch decided to honour the name of Tam Sneddon by awarding a Trophy to the member of the Branch who had done the most to promote and encourage scuba diving in Clydebank Sub Aqua Club in the preceding year.



1977        Jim Cummings

1978        Colin Watson

1979        Gordon Downie

1980        E.A.Smith

1981        Jack Morrison

1982        David Bickerstaff

1984        Mark Don

1985        Anne Downie

1986        Bernie McIlvenny

1987        Adam Curtis

1988        Irene Smith

1989        Jim Montgomery

1990        William Currie

1991        Jim Hoggan

1992        Ronnie Scaglione

1995        Gordon Downie

1996        Kevin Millar

1997        Joe McInally

1998        Alan Hubbard

1999        Brian Tierney

2000        George Kinniburgh

2001        Jack Morrison

2002        Michelle Morgan

2003        David Mandelson

2004        Graeme Hollinsworth

2005        Debbie Girvan

2006        Iain Kennedy

2007        Catherine Kenny

2008        Joe McInally

2009        Keith Waugh

2010        Thomas Burke

2011        Brian Tierney

2012        Michelle & John Morgan

2013        Andrew Sinclair

2014        Gordon Anderson

2015        Joe McInally

2016        Craig Ralston

2017        David Richford

2018        Michelle Morgan

2019        John Kerr

2020        Niall Brittain

2021        Andrew Sinclair




The winner of the Tam Sneddon award 2021 is Andrew Sinclair.

As we are all too well aware, 2020 and on in to 2021, has been a dreadfully long period of time, with the world in varying degrees of lockdown, caused by the Covid pandemic. As a consequence, open water diving and pool training activities for Clydebank Sub Aqua Club members were severely curtailed. Members were only able to dive for a short period in the late autumn. Despite the necessary restrictions, Andrew was able to “encourage” his large number of work colleagues to part with their hard-earned cash for an opportunity to win on a Football cards “game of chance”. As a result, Andrew raised a large sum of cash to top up the club coffers!! Even though the club was not diving there were still a number of ongoing fees and bills to pay, so Andrew’s efforts were very welcome. Thanks must go to Andrew’s work colleagues, but particularly to Andrew for risking his friendship with them. Congratulations to Andrew.

Tam Sneddon Award 2020

2019 marked the centenary of the sinking of the German High Seas Fleet in Scapa Flow, Orkney. Members of Clydebank Sub Aqua Club decided that they should commemorate the event, as indeed did many other diving clubs in the UK and around the world. Niall Brittain took on the mammoth task of organising our trip: researching available boats, accommodation, suitable dates etc and then advertising the event to the members and collecting monies etc. The "Scapa100" trip took place in mid May and was a great success. Everyone had a briiliant time with some great diving on the German High Seas Fleet.


For the past several years, every Autumn, Niall organises a Club trip to the Farne Islands, off the Northumberland Coast. This trip has become more and more popular each year, as party members always have a great time diving with and photographing the Grey seals, as they "play" around the divers fins.


As well as this Niall has also been a part of the Clydebank Training Team throughout 2019 and in to 2020. Congratulations to Niall for all his efforts and on winning the Tam Sneddon Trophy.