Capture the Sea with a Camera

A selection of underwater videos featuring Clydebank divers and/or marine life                                                                    PLUS

                                                  useful instructional videos.

These two videos above feature Clydebank Sub Aqua Club members

Excellent Instructional Videos

A Great Lecture. Well worth viewing

Well worth watching this video which demonstrates what happens when bullets are fired in to scuba cylinders. Although the 2 people are having a great deal of fun, it should nevertheless be quite reassuring to divers.


         DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!!

Deepspot in Poland

The deepest pool in the world is 45.4metres deep

An incredible film about Cave Diving. Please click the link below:

10 Craziest Pools in the World

The film which started it all for many divers:
The Silent World
Jacques Yves Cousteau

WARNING: Some of the practices shown in this film are "of their time" and may not be appropriate today

The World's First Underwater Hotel

The Curse of the Blue Hole