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A selection of underwater videos featuring Clydebank divers and/or marine life                                                                    PLUS

                                                  useful instructional videos.

These two videos above feature Clydebank Sub Aqua Club members

Excellent Instructional Videos

PLEASE NOTE: Most of these instructional videos are primarily intended for the North American Market

A Great Lecture. Well worth viewing and relevant in the UK

Deepspot in Poland
The 2nd deepest pool in the world is 45.4metres deep

Well worth watching this video which demonstrates what happens if a scuba hose blows, be it a Low pressure or High pressure hose.


How are Scuba Cylinders Visually Inspected??

PLEASE NOTE: The period between inspections is not necessarily correct in the UK

An excellent video describing how a scuba cylinder is hydrostatically tested.

PLEASE NOTE: The period between tests is not necessarily correct in the UK

The film which started it all for many divers:
The Silent World
Jacques Yves Cousteau

WARNING: Some of the practices shown in this film are "of their time" and may not be appropriate today

The Curse of the Blue Hole